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Dimitar Borisov was born in Targoviste /Bulgaria/ on the 4ᵗʰ of April,1946.

Member of the Group of Artists from Varna as of 1969.
1969–1981: Artist in Devnya/Bulgaria/.During this period he realized 3 solo exhibitions.
1982 – 2010: He works in the Varna Opera House as an artist-decorator. He has completed over 50 projects of Bulgarian and foreign set designers.

He is actively involved in painting. Over the years, he has regularly participated in all regional exhibitions and in numerous national ones. His works are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria, Italy, Finland and the USA. 

Nominations and awards:

2017: Varna Prize - fine art /together with Lora Marinova/

Solo exhibitions:

2006: Solo exhibition in Art Gallery “Artin”,city of Varna

2011: Solo exhibition - painting „Tales out of time”in “Eva’s Gallery”,city of Varna

Joint and group exhibitions:

1986: Joint exhibitions together with his wife Lora Marinova,city of Varna

1991: Joint exhibitions together with Lora Marinova,city of Varna

1991: Joint exhibitions together with Lora Marinova,city of Gais,Italy 

1992: Joint exhibitions together with Lora Marinova,city of Hof,Germany  

1996: Joint exhibition with Lora Marinova,Snejina Popgencheva and Emil Popgenchev,City Art Gallery ”Boris Georgiev ”,city of Varna

1998: Exhibition – painting, together with Lora Marinova in ” Eterna Art gallery”,city of Varna

2009: Family exhibition – painting“Generations” ,together with Lora Marinova,Anna Borisova and Yanko Marinov,in “Largo Art Gallery”,city of Varna

2013: Exhibition of Miniature in "Maestro Art Gallery",city of Sofia

2014: Group exhibition in Art Gallery “Paris-Moskow”,city of Sofia

2015: Group exhibition of Naive Art in “Largo Art Gallery”,city of Varna

2016: Group exhibition “Visible/Invisible” in Graffit Gallery,city of Varna

2016: Group exhibition in City Gallery “Boris Georgiev”,city of Varna

2017: Group exhibition in Graffit Gallery,city of Varna



Dimitar Borisov is one of the best representatives of Naïve Art in the country. This mode of artistic expression arose in Europe as early as the XVII century, but as a serious trend in modern art, it got aesthetically established in the late XIX and early XX centuries by artists, such as Henri Rousseau – The Customs Officer (Le Douanier), Marc Chagall, Ivan Generalic and Pirosmanishvili.

This type of art seeks the charm and purity of a child's attitude towards the world, the freedom and spontaneity of unformed and non-academic creation of the form. It is full of poetry and dreams and of fairytale motifs and boundless imagination. It contains a longing for nature and human harmony, for beauty, love and for the joy of life. Through its naïve, utopian world, it aims to provide an image of what is ideal, the primary meaning of human existence.

About 20 years ago, Dimitar Borisov revealed that this mode of expression is closest to his artistic nature. He remained faithful to it and created beautiful paintings, which tell a fascinating story of the common sacred path of a man and a woman.  She and He are the most common characters in his paintings. They walk in the gardens of Eden, play musical instruments or conduct silent dialogues, sitting on sofas, tables and fountains, staring up at the sky. The artist places them in centric compositions and illuminates them with an ideal circle of light, like with a heavenly spotlight. This scenic theatricality carries an interesting symbolism and shows the meaning of the physical or emotional states.

This is no accident, for Dimitar Borisov has spent 25 years as a painter in the Opera House in Varna. Very often, he dresses his characters in retro clothing and applies romanticism in an idyllic scene that happened at a past time. Beautiful and harmonious human relations and physical or emotional states, which are portrayed in this art are always placed in a natural environment, which the artist invents with a plethora of imagination and composes around his characters.

Dimitar Borisov paints his creations patiently and lovingly, accurately to the smallest detail, in his preferred natural shade with green and blue harmonies. He seeks the calm symmetric equilibrium of the composition and the beautiful sound of delicate color splashes and accents.

Surely, what makes him a convincing and true artist in his style is a rare circumstance that the purity and harmony of feelings and attitudes, which he portrays in his art, is in fact what he has been able to achieve and maintain in his family in the real world.

The exhibition Tales Out of Time in Gallery of Eva is further evidence of the high artistic level of Dimitar Borisov.

Rumen Serafimov

Art Expert